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love the site perhaps you could send some people down our way


This is a great feature, perhaps a simple rating system like an "X" needs to be in place on the videos and the more that are "preferred" by iLike users are the ones that remain on iLike and the ones that show up towards the front of the stack. The reason I suggest this is because I noticed some cases where spoofs are made, or where the video quality is terrible, or where it's simply a bad cover of a particular song. Let the iLike users choose!

The youtube integration is pretty neat - especially since it was a 72 hour turn around time - I envy your nimbleness. I'm interested too in what (if any) reaction you get from YouTube/Google - do you think they will object to your embedding of videos in a commercial web site? I imagine given their business model they won't really care.

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It's actually pretty damn neat because I'm able to post stuff which I can't post from YouTube directly (ones which give a "video no longer available" message.) If this isn't a deal with Google, how long do you expect they will allow you to do it?

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